Bull Dog Bailer Clean Out Tool

  Welcome to Bull Dog Tool, Inc.

Bull Dog Tool, Inc. ("Bull Dog") started business in 1983 as a specialty down hole tool supplier to the oil and gas industry. Over the years Bull Dog has expanded its product line to include a broader base of tools driven by our customers.

If the tools and equipment listed within this website do not meet your needs, let us work with you to design, develop, and manufacture those products to meet your needs.

We look forward to working with you in the future, and as always,

"Thanks for the business!"

  Bull Dog Tool Products

Clean Out Tools - Bull Dog Bailer, Bull Dog Multiplier, Adaptable Tool, Jet Baskets. View all clean out tools >

Fishing Tools - Oversocket, Scrugrab, Box & Taper Taps, Casing Swages, Continuous Overshot. View all fishing tools >

Milling Tools - PlugBuster Mills, Junk Mills, String/Watermelon/Taper Mills, Whipstock Mills. View all milling tools >

Miscellaneous Products - String Valves, Hydraulic Bit Release, Crossover Subs, Drill Collars. View all miscellaneous products >

This is only a partial listing of the tools we currently offer. If you do not see a product to meet your job requirements, please contact us, and our experienced design staff will work with you to develop a solution to fulfill those requirements.

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