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The Scrugrab fishing tool design provides an improved method of recovering wireline, cable, injection lines, sucker rod, and coiled tubing from a wellbore. The corkscrew-like design offers several advantages over the conventional two or three prong grabs.

  1. The tool is designed to screw into the mesh of wireline in the hole rather than to spud on it.
  2. The corkscrew action tends to loosen the wireline rather than pack it down into a compacted ball (“birdnest”) that may require washing over or milling.
  3. The tool provides the torsional strength to screw into the mesh of line and the tensile strength to part the line when it is engaged.
  4. The tool may cut the line into smaller pieces similar to the results experienced with barbs on grabs or rope spears.
  5. The tool is available in a range of sizes to cover common casing sizes worldwide.
  6. Scurgrabs are manufactured from one piece of heat treated alloy steel.
  7. Left Hand and larger sizes available on request.

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Product: Scrugrab Wireline Grab

Category: Fishing Tools

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