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The Bull Dog® Bailer offers a method to clean out sand and debris from the wellbore or casing without loading the hole and circulating.

The Bull Dog® Bailer is run on tubing or drill pipe. The tool assembly consists of a float valve run on top of your desired bottom hole tool and pump assembly run above the float, in accordance with the fluid level. Reciprocation (5' stroke) of the pump assembly draws fluid and sand in through the bottom hole tool, through the float valve, and up into the tubing chamber. The sand and debris collects in the tubing chamber above the float valve; while the fluid goes through the pump assembly and is discharged to the annulus.

The pump rod is hexagonal to permit normal rotation of the entire tubing string. The size and weight of the tubing used between the float valve and the pump assembly to form the chamber may be varied to apply to existing hole conditions and desired operations.

All principal parts of the Bull Dog® Bailer are manufactured from high strength, heat-treated, alloy steel.

The bottom hole tool run with the Bull Dog® Bailer is dependent on the particular operation desired. A bit, rotary shoe, cutrite shoe, overshot retrieving tool, etc., may be run to meet the needs of your job. The Bull Dog® Bailer is applicable to clean out sand, recover ball sealers, retrieve bridge plugs and clean out caved open holes, fish, drill deeper, etc. The Bull Dog® Bailer should be considered under the following conditions:
1. Well cannot be circulated.
2. Loading hole with fluid is undesirable or detrimental to pay.
3. Clean out is more economical than rigging up to circulate hole.

The Bull Dog® Bailer is available through your local fishing tool or packer service operators.

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