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The Adaptable Tool is a new concept in downhole remedial and completion work. The Tool can be used under virtually every downhole condition that involves no surface pressure. The Tool is particularly useful in wells that won't support a column of fluid or are susceptible to water damage, because operation of the Tool does not require a full column of fluid in the hole.

The heart of the Adaptable Tool is actually a plunger pump similar to that used for pumping oil wells, except that "tailpipe" and a series of check valves are run below the pump. By reciprocating the tubing at the surface, the pump vigorously pulls fluid and debris (sand, scale, cement, junk, etc) up into the tailpipe, where it is held by the check valves.

The fluid can be pumped to the surface or be recirculated into the annulus through a ported sub positioned above the pump. Whe the tailpipe is full of settled out debris, the tubing is tripped. Up to 300' of casing can be readily cleaned out in a single run without using a pump truck.

Because the plunger is made from a kelly, the Tool can be used with a power swivel for heavy duty drilling and milling of items such as cement, scale, hard packed sand, frac rings, packers, plugs and junk.

The Adaptable Tool can be run with a bridge plug retrieving tool and can remove perf balls, sand and bridge plug on a single trip without a pump truck.

Fluid loss to the formation is kept to a minimum because the Adaptable Tool works under almost any hydrostatic pressure. This helps prevent formation damage and water blockage and saves pump truck charges and water hauling costs when the work is performed and when the fluid is subsequently produced.

The Adaptable Tool is not prone to getting stuck in the hole, as are other casing cleanout tools, for several reasons:

  1. The Tool is continuously reciprocated, which keeps the casing walls clean and prevents the Tool from tunneling into sand and getting stuck, and;
  2. The rig weight indicator and position of the Adaptable Tool's stroke keep the operator informed of downhole conditions at all times. If the Tool appears to be hanging up, the operator simply pulls up above the tite spot and works through it again.
  3. The Kelly, coupled with the 9' long stroke of the pump, provides a powerful jarring action, both up and down;
  4. Because the pump moves a controlled volumn of fluid with each stroke and is lifted off bottom at the end of each stroke, the pump will not bury itself in sand, debris, etc.

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