Bull Dog Bailer Clean Out Tool

  Fishing Tools

Oversocket Coiled Tubing Slip
For a number of years, the Bull Dog Oversocket has been used to retrieve a variety of fish from the well bore... read more >

Scrugrab Wireline Grab
The Scrugrab fishing tool design provides an improved method of recovering wireline, cable, injection lines, sucker rod, and coiled tubing from a wellbore... read more >

Segmented Box Taps
The Bull Dog Box Tap is an external catch fishing tool a long low-angle threaded taper and a wide catch range... read more >

Casing Swages
Bull Dog Tool manufactures a full line of Casing Swages... read more >

J-Tool Bushing Assembly
J-Tool Bushing Assembly
Bull Dog’s J-Tool Bushing Assembly is used to mill over and retrieve, in one trip, packer or bridge plugs that cannot be recovered by conventional methods... read more >

The Bull Dog Oversocket is a combination of an overshot and a keylow socket that offers the strength of an overshot and the wide catch range of a keylow socket... read more >