Bull Dog Bailer Clean Out Tool

  Miscellaneous Products

String Valves
Bull Dog Tool manufactures and stocks a line of String Valves in a variety of tubing connections... read more >

Hydraulic Bit Release
Hydraulic Bit Release - HBR
The Bull Dog Hydraulic Bit Release (HBR) is designed to provide a method of dropping off the bit or mill after drilling operations are complete... read more >

Crossover Subs
Bull Dog Tool manufactures a variety of crossover subs in box x box, box x pin, and pin x pin connections... read more >

Drill Collars
Bull Dog Tool offers a variety of drill collars, both with blank connections and threaded to your specifications... read more >

Tubing Safety Joints
Tubing Safety Joints

Bull Dog’s Tubing Safety Joints are designed with a coarse thread to provide a controlled backoff point in the workstring... read more >